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If you're still wondering what Penny's last name is on "The Big Bang Theory," you're not the only one.

Hats off for the splendid work penetrating previously unfathomable mysteries about worm holes, the potential for time travel, and the origins of the universe – but that stuff’s a doddle next to the tripartite mystery recognised as the ultimate cosmic conundrum.It would, at the very least, be courteous to pretend to listen.But Hunt is as perpetual a stranger to good manners as to sense, and the lummox surrendered to the default peevishness and trademark petty spite that made his skirmishing with the junior doctors such a tremendous success.In its absence, the differential diagnosis has to be the one given in, when Tyrian speculated as to what might cure another character of what ailed him.“There’s no cure,” Bronn very nearly replied, “for being a Jeremy Hunt”.

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